I Ching Hexagram Interpretations

14: Affluence

Abundant Blessings

Supreme success has come! Like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a person whose fortunes have turned for the better shines brightly. At the core of this success lies unselfishness and modesty, for it is the tendency of a flexible or yielding nature to bind powerful forces to it, particularly when prosperity begins to manifest. When power is wielded with grace and dignity, there is supreme success and great abundance!

Ah, but be careful. Along with any accumulation of wealth or influence may come an increase of pride and arrogance. Fight this tendency if you want to continue prospering. Stay attentive enough to manage your affairs well. And remember that while prosperity of any kind certainly beats the alternative, it is only one of many elements of a satisfying life. True prosperity always furthers the collective good.



Changing Line Interpretations

Line 1 (bottom line)

In its first stages, success is innocent and blameless, since it has not yet faced the challenges which accomplishment brings. Avoid harm in the future by guarding against self-indulgence -- show consideration by exercising the proper restraint. Learn to speak of personal or business matters only with trusted advisors; to all others, remain relaxed and detached. Leave your ego at the door; there is no space for arrogance. Acting thus will strengthen others' perception of you as a person endowed with confidence as well as wealth.

Line 2

The first lesson after the realization of success is to stay fluid and mobile. It is not the sheer amount of wealth which matters so much as its usefulness to you. Wealth of any kind is most useful when it can be used to launch new undertakings for the good of all rather than just to strengthen your position. One means of doing this is to be generous with those who have helped you, for the dedicated support of trustworthy people is among the greatest of all assets.

Line 3

Philanthropy is the obligation of those in possession of mature wealth. Only by donating a portion of his wealth to the service of a greater good can a man become free of the prison of his possessions. Those who lack great possessions should feel no shame in taking assistance, for all wealth is but a passing trust, to be administered by any one person only for a short time. A small-minded person is unable to assume this attitude and, as a result, can never be truly free.

Line 4

If pride and envy have surfaced in your life, it's time to let them go. Don't attempt to compete with others' images of themselves; another person's ego is a wild goose waiting to be chased, if ever there were one.

This change also points to the dilemma of one who finds himself suddenly among the rich and powerful. In order to dine with the rich, the poorer man often must pick up the check. Be willing to do so without hesitation or resentment, and you will remain free in spirit, and therefore be the equal of those around you.

Line 5

The person who is able to win over others by unaffected sincerity and dignity always finds himself or herself in a favorable position. This applies as much to persons of great wealth and stature as to those beneath them. It is the combination of sincerity and dignity that brings best results. Those who respond to improper behavior with these qualities have good fortune assured them.

Line 6 (top line)

You are blessed by providence and enjoy good fortune. You experience improvement in every way. Remember that supreme success goes to those who are in the world, but not of it -- who, in the fullness of possession and at the height of power, remain modest and wink often toward heaven. Providence helps those who live with faith and gratitude, while people help the person who is true. To he who has, more will be given.